AVT Inc. provides professional electronic design services that specialize in new product and prototype development. 

Whether the design is software or hardware related our highly experienced development team can achieve your product design goals and deadlines. AVT provides experience in all stages of product development whether it is digital signal processing, real-time embedded systems or simply re-design, cost reduction and manufacturing optimization needs.

Our design team is committed to bringing you high quality product development that provides economical solutions to your company's hardware and software requirements. Our quality of service is based on thorough design processes and manufacturing efficiency and flexibility. 

Our Services Include: 

   Approval Sevices
 We offer an independent certification services with our partners that provide complete FCC Class A, B, and intentional radiator certification testing and consulting.
 Contract Design Services

We provide professional electronic design services that  specialize in new product and prototype development

  Far East Outsourcing
 We offer far east manufacturing solutions through our partner affiliations. These provide options that will allow you to reduce costs in both the developmental stage and final product manufacturing.
  FPGA/CPLD Design
 We provide complete FPGA VHDL development and simulation using Altera and Xilinx development tools.
 PCB Layout

Complete PCB layout, design, and manufacturing services. We work closely with the manufacturers to provide quality manufacturable products in the first stages of development. This means quick time to market for our customers.

AVT designers utilize the latest Tools and methods to produce quality finished results. Our knowledge of fabrication, assembly and Layout for ATE creates the manufactured results the first time.

Our typical turn design time is 10 day standard and 5 day expedite for most designs.

  Software/Firmware Development 
 We use C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, assembly language, LabVIEW, and other languages  to develop complete applications, drivers, and embedded software.